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On a dark cold night in an undisclosed location, part of a secret project. Beowulf was born.

A multirole capable heavylift drone Beowulf is able to perform true heavylift multirole capability ranging from ISR at long range with extended batteries, resupply to troops on the front and provide a weapons platform. This combined with our new unparalleled AI based SDR provides range
s up to 30km in the most complex EW environments in the world. Its tried and tested technology provides a combat ready solution unlike any other.

Part of the UAVTEK ecosystem is that you are able to switch from a sub250g drone to a fixed wing ISR VTOL
 airframe up to our heavylift airframe with the exact same controller - no need to change transmitter. Making this a unique ability and the first of its kind.


Come and see us at Shot Show next!
We will be located on Venetian Level 1, Stall number 40932 - Hope to see you there!

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The UK MoD recently released the International Fund for Ukraine document, however many people are currently experiencing issues downloading it from LinkedIn.

Please CLICK HERE to directly access the document.

UAVTEK are here to help!

Did you know...

The BUG was featured in the 2022 recruitment campaign advert for the British Army. Click the 'Play' button below to see if you can spot it...

The advert displays the BUG in action, highlighting its compact size, ability for quick deployment and its effectiveness in the field for surveying territory as an eye in the sky.

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