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VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) Fixed-Wing drones are powerful, versatile and ideal for long range endurance missions. With a low visual and audible signature, VTOL fixed-wings can successfully complete covert surveillance operations or reconnaissance and offer a longer flight time allowing the pilot to cover more ground. 

Despite VTOL fixed-wings being a larger air-frame, they are very lightweight making them effortless to transport. Each product is shipped within an easy-to-handle box offering protection and a safe storage solution for the VTOL fixed-wing when not in use. 


With a simple setup, a VTOL fixed-wing can be assembled within minutes and launched from confined spaces by a single operator with ease and confidence, allowing the pilot to hover and land quickly. All of our drones can conduct fully autonomous missions with the option to fly manually and are designed to operate in GNSS or denied environments.


All of products use a secure wireless link to provide protection in the field and can be quickly adapted to use the cellular network or MANET radio modules, which can be highly effective in urban environments or increasing range.

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